Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Voice over WiFi” phone?

NovaPhone is able to operate whether connected to WiFi or to a cell service. Ordinary cell phones generally cannot make voice calls or send texts unless connected to a cell tower.

What are the advantages of connecting through WiFi?

A WiFi connection is usually much moreĀ  reliable than a cell tower connection. There are less problems with terrain, trees, buildings, and other geographic considerations.

I don’t have cell service, can I still use NovaPhone?

YES, even is you don’t have or can’t get cell service, you can use NovaPhone anywhere you can connect to WiFi. However, if you do have cell service, your NovaPhone will operate there as well. (NovaPhone will use a small amount of your cell service data plan.)

Can I bring an existing phone number to NovaPhone?

Yes, you can bring your check this out existing number. To do so, you will need to provide us with a copy of your telephone bill. Copy the ENTIRE BILL (all pages) and email it to us at There is NO CHARGE to move your number to NovaPhone,

What kind of smartphone will work with NovaPhone?

  1. Both Android and IOS phones will work with NovaPhone.
If you are in doubt, you should phone us first (1-877-617-1017) and give us the details of your phone.