NovaPhone – The NO-CELL Mobile Phone


  • Unlimited Outbound Calls

  • Unlimited Inbound Calls

  • Personal Inbound US Number

  • No Cell Plan Required

  • No SIM Card Required

  • But will not conflict with existing cell plan

  • On Your SmartPhone (No Other Equipment Needed)

  • Just $7.49/month

  • Or Add Unlimited Calling to Mexico, India, and 50 Other Countries for Just $7.49/mo

As Easy as 1, 2

  1. Download and Install FREE app.

  2. Purchase a Plan and Enter your Username and Password

  3. That's it. You are good to go.

No Cell Plan Required

NovaPhone uses WiFi to send and receive calls and texts. No cell plan is required.


No SIM Card Required

NovaPhone uses WiFi to send and receive calls and texts. No SIM card is required.

Conference Calls

  • Conference up to 6 people.
  • All parties can hear all other parties.
  • Easy ONE CLICK setup.

Hold and Transfer

  • Add Family Members, Friends, Work Colleagues
  • Transfer calls to anyone in your group.

Custom Ringtones and Custom Themes

Android or IPhone

NovaPhone works on any recent Android or IPhone.

Unlimited calls, texts, and data

There is no limit on the number of calls or texts you can send with NovaPhone.


With NovaPhone, you can call or text any US phone number or any number in our 50+ country list. (UNLIMITED)

Multi_county List

Works Anywhere

With NovaPhone, you can make or receive calls and texts no matter where you are in the world.

NovaPhone is a dialer app that you can install on your Android or Iphone. Once installed and activated, the NovaPhone app allows you to use your phone when connected to any WiFi access point (without any cell plan). (Ordinary cell phones can't do this; if you get into an area with poor cell coverage, you are just out of luck.)