NovaPhone – The NO-CELL Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Service is changing!

WiFi Coverage is blanketing the world.

Old-fashion cell plans are becoming obsolete!

Up to date mobile users are adding Novaphone WiFi Mobile Service to their smartphones.

Join the Mobile Phone WiFi Movement!

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No Cell Plan Required

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class=”text”>NovaPhone uses WiFi to send and receive calls and texts. No cell plan is required.


Unlimited calls, texts, and data

There is no limit on the number of calls or texts you can send with NovaPhone.

Android or IPhone

NovaPhone works on any recent Android or IPhone.

Millions of Access Points

There are currently more than 186 million PUBLIC WiFi access points worldwide. You can connect and use Novaphone with any of these.

US or Multi-Country

With NovaPhone, you can call or text any US phone number. Add our multi-country plan and call Mexico or 50 other countries.

Multi_county List

Works Anywhere

With NovaPhone, you can make or receive calls and texts no matter where you are in the world.

Details for Travelers NovaPhone is a dialer app that you can install on your Android or Iphone. Once installed and activated, the NovaPhone app allows you to use your phone when connected to any WiFi access point (without any cell plan). (Ordinary cell phones can’t do this; if you get into an area with poor cell coverage, you are just out of luck.) Start My Service