Resellers Wanted!

If you are interested in helping us develop the concept of WiFi Mobile Phone Service, you may want to consider becoming a reseller. You can earn a significant ongoing revenue stream by just letting your friends and customers about WiFi Mobile.

Our resellers are only required to bring potential customers to out signup web page. We will take care of billing the customer, handling tech support questions, etc. All you have to do is sit back and collect your recurring commisions.

Our commission structure is simplicity itself:

Once the customer completes one month of paid service and pays for his second month, you will receive the entire first month's payment amount. So, if the cutomer signs up for a 19.90 monthly plan, you will get $19.90.

But that's not all. Every month that the customer renews, you will receive an additional $5 payment.

So, sign up 100 customers, and look forward to $500 a month of extra income,

Commissions are paid directly into your reseller account, and can be withdrawn in cash or used to purchase phones and other equipment.

To register as a reseller, simply click this link:

Questions: Tap the number